19 July 2016

by Hair Detective


It is an age-old adage that one should not go to bed with wet hair. This advice has been passed down from generation to generation and for good reason; there are many potential health risks associated with sleeping on damp hair. The most serious of these risks include scalp infections, skin irritation, and even long-term damage to the hair follicles themselves.

The first risk associated with sleeping on wet or dampened locks is a heightened susceptibility towards developing scalp infections such as dandruff or psoriasis. These conditions can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to treat once they have taken hold in the skin around your head! Additionally, when you sleep on wet strands of hair it increases the amount of friction between them which can cause mild discomfort while trying to rest at night; this could lead into more serious issues if left unchecked over time such as rashes or sores forming near where your pillow touches your face/head area during sleep cycles due to constant contact being made between both surfaces throughout extended periods without proper care given beforehand (i.e., drying off before laying down).

Finally, going against this traditional wisdom may also result in long term damage done directly onto individual hairs through weakening their structure due its exposure under humid conditions overnight – leading up towards eventual breakages occurring much sooner than expected (especially true for those who already possess brittle strands). All things considered then it’s best practice overall just not take any chances by avoiding going asleep whilst still sporting moistened tresses altogether – so make sure you dry off completely prior getting some shut eye every single time!


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