19 November 2022

by Hair Detective


Water is one of the most important elements for good hair health. Proper hydration helps keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant, while also promoting growth and reducing breakage. Drinking enough water can help reduce scalp dryness, prevent split ends, and even stop hair loss in some cases. Not only that but drinking adequate amounts of water will also help to maintain the balance between oil production on your scalp which leads to a healthier overall appearance for your locks!

The first step towards achieving optimal hydration levels for healthy tresses is understanding how much water you should be drinking every day – usually around 8-10 glasses depending on factors like activity level or temperature outside. This amount may vary person-to-person so it’s best to consult with a doctor if you are unsure about what would work best for you specifically! Additionally, try adding electrolytes into each glass as they can provide additional benefits such as helping retain moisture in the body more efficiently than plain H2O alone does – this could make all difference when trying out new hairstyles or products that require extra care due their delicate nature (like extensions).

Lastly remember that not all liquids count towards meeting our daily needs; caffeinated beverages like coffee & tea actually act as diuretics meaning they cause us lose more fluids than we gain from them – so stick with pure H2O whenever possible if truly want achieve maximum results when it comes keeping up our mane’s healthiness & shine! All these tips combined together will definitely ensure better quality strands over time no matter what type of style/look someone might be going after – whether straightening curls curling waves etc… So don’t forget drink plenty throughout day order reap rewards beautiful luscious locks deserve!!


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