20 February 2022

by Hair Detective


Smoking is bad for your hair, because it can cause a range of negative effects. First and foremost, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the scalp and strands of hair. This lack of oxygen causes damage to follicles, which leads to thinning or even balding in some cases. Additionally, chemicals found in cigarettes such as nicotine and tar can build up on the scalp over time leading to an unhealthy environment for healthy follicle growth. Lastly, smoking also contributes to dryness by reducing sebum production which helps keep our scalps hydrated naturally; this results in brittle strands that are more prone breakage than normal hair would be without exposure from smoke inhalation.

In addition to physical changes caused by smoking’s effect on our bodies’ health overall; there are other factors at play when it comes specifically related directly with how it affects one’s mane negatively as well . For example , smokers have been known experience premature graying due their habit so if you’re looking youthful appearance then this may not be ideal choice either . Moreover , cigarette smoke contains many toxins like carbon monoxide ; these substances coat every strand with residue making them look dull lifeless – not exactly something anyone wants from their tresses !

All things considered , avoiding cigarettes altogether is best way ensure healthier locks long term . Not only will quitting help prevent further damage but also give body chance recover any already taken place meaning potential regrowth future too! There plenty options available those who wish quit ranging medications counseling sessions support groups – all designed make process easier smoother possible. Isn’t it a good day to start something completely new and healthy for yourself?


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